what is Nutelleria?
Nutelleria is simply Nutella® enthusiasts that decided to share our love for Nutella® with the rest of the world. At our shoppe you can find a quick, nutritious, authentic sweet snack that would satisfy any craving, guaranteed! they serve only the finest, freshest, and most nutritious ingredients.
where is Nutelleria NY located?
Nutelleria NY is located
do you deliver?
NO! Our stuff is worth the trip
where will you be opening future Nutelleria locations?
If they’re not in your city, they hope to be coming soon. A little inside scoop is that our real estate agent has his eye on a little spot in Miami, Florida but you didn’t hear that from us. Stay up to date on coming soon location by signing for updates on our website.
what are the operation hours?
they’re still working on this one, suggestions are welcome
what are the Holidays on which Nutelleria is closed?
To allow our nutelleria family to spend time with their family and friends, Nutelleira will be closed on the following holidays so keep that in mind when planning your visit: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day
is there a dress code?
no, just bring an appetite and a spoon
do your menus offer options other than just Nutella®?
yes and if you change your mind they can put nutella on anything
can I make a special request to have something not on the menu?
absolutely! they may even like your combination enough to add it to our menu
do you offer healthy options?
yes, they have gluten free and whole wheat crepes, which of course they can also put Nutella® on
what is gluten?
gluten is a protein complex found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye and triticale
what credit cards do you accept?
they accept most major credit cards, including VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover
you mean to tell me that I can earn points by visiting Nutelleria?
for starters, earning points is really, really easy and there is absolutely no charge! You can earn 1 point for every dollar you spend and use your points for free treats at any of our super cool Nutelleria locations. Nutelleria is all about treats at NO CASH COST, adventure and fun in a loving and punctual world. Actually, it is really just about getting treats at no cash cost. Use your reward points to buy an original Nutella® crepe, an extra large Nutella® shake, a Nutella® cup with fruit and much, much more. It’s really easy. Oh, and you cannot pay part points and part credit card / cash which means you need the points to cover the full purchase price. They made us do it this way.
where can I get a coupon?
every so often (especially on random Tuesdays), they have offers on our Facebook page or in our email newsletter – please join these online communities for more information!
does Nutelleria sell gift cards?
yes, please visit any of our locations for more information
how do I purchase the cool Nutelleria t-shirts?
pick up a t-shirt at any of our locations when you visit, just don’t ask the pâtissier to take off his
can I work at Nutelleria?
Nutelleria is the greatest place in the world to work according to the owner’s mom. To work at Nutelleria, you’ve gotta have a decent sense of humor and an enthusiastic attitude. Being a Nutella® enthusiast is a big plus. To apply for a job, visit any of our locations.
why should I subscribe to receive updates and promotions?
how else would you find out about new locations, cool offers and other Nutelleria news?
will my email and personal information be shared?
Nutelleria promises never to rent, sell or trade any personal information you provide
how can I provide feedback about my experience?
Your positive comments are very important to us and they invite you to share them. Email us about anything right now! Real humans read and respond to every email.
last thought…?
no chance you’re still reading this but if you are, they’re posting pictures of folks visiting our locations on our home page at nutelleriany.com. If you fall in the folks category please email a photo of your visit to info